Aster Vs TWM as analytical tools

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Aster Vs TWM as analytical tools

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I exhausted while searching for this question, so i though that expert users can answer this question based on their experience.

The question is, What are major differences between "Teradata Aster Analytics as Analytical tool" and "Teradata Warehouse Miner" and can Aster replace TWM ?, all i know till now that TWM is more user-friendly.

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Re: Aster Vs TWM as analytical tools

Teradata Warehouse Miner is a software that performs data mining entirely within a Teradata warehouse while Aster Database is an analytic platform which requires a dedicated hardware. Aster provides much more analytic functions and is built for huge data sets.
It depends on your use case to decide which product fits your needs better. You will find details on each product in the associated user guides on