Breakup the AWT by wdid

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Breakup the AWT by wdid


Appreciate your quick help on the scenario...


Below is the AWT scenario , where MAXAWT  is constantly reaching out to more than 80 ( total AWT limit is 100).  So my analysis is on MaxAWT usage.


But MAXWorkNew and MAXWorkOne are in the limits of 40 and 20 respectively.   We dont have much tactical work and no reserve of tacical AWTs too.

Also examined the Work12-15, and dont see any abonornal figures as well.  then Which type of AWT is causing these higher values ?


I'm trying to breakup the MAXAWT by the workload and identify which WD is aggressive in getting the AWTs.


Figure2 shows WD level - AVG AWT usage- from RESUSAGESPS - by { summing up all work01-15 / numberofAmps.}


But I want to  see WD level - MAX AWT usage.  we have all  MAXAWT01-15 in the SPS table.. how to calculate  overall MAXAWT for a given workload ?


Format:HTML Format Version:1.0 StartHTML: 165 EndHTML: 3590 StartFragment: 314 EndFragment: 3558 StartSelection: 314 EndSelection: 314SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

    SUM(WorkTypeInuse00 + WorkTypeInuse01 + WorkTypeInuse02 + WorkTypeInuse03 +

     WorkTypeInuse04 + WorkTypeInuse05 + WorkTypeInuse06 + WorkTypeInuse07 +

     WorkTypeInuse08 + WorkTypeInuse09 + WorkTypeInuse10 + WorkTypeInuse11 +

     WorkTypeInuse12 + WorkTypeInuse13 + WorkTypeInuse14 + WorkTypeInuse15)

     / (hashamp() + 1) As AvgWorkTypeInUse,

How to calculate MaxWorkTypeInuse .?