How to get content via


How to get content via

Fellow Teradata Devs,


I have saved many URLs for quick access to Teradata Documentation (basically created my how library). However, following the Teradata rebranding the web address redirects to so none of the links work.


I am happy redo my links or what have you, but is there supposed to be a working auto-redirect to the appropriate page for page? If not, then It seems like this was a big thing missed by the webmasters and it doesn't appear the Google web crawlers can catalog the site like it could the site. Whatever the case is there something we can do to convert an URL to get it to go to the same content on


Also, the doesn't work at all and I just wanted to log a general complaint regarding how the rollout of the Teradata rebranding seems looks great on social media, but really put devs in a bind when just trying to access simple documentation.