Hyperion 8.3 Teradata Connection Issues


Hyperion 8.3 Teradata Connection Issues

Hi All, 

I am currently doing an Update of Hyperion Performance Suite from 8.2.1 to 
8.3.0 on Test Environment. 

After the upgrade I am unable to connect to Teradata, I have tried many 
combinations in .ODBC.INI, the LSC and with Oce files but I continue to get 
Server Error 2018. 
If anyone has successfully configured Teradata(V2R5) on AIX please share the 
Any help will be appreciated 

Thanks in advance

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Re: Hyperion 8.3 Teradata Connection Issues


Are you sure this is Teradata V2R5?

(If you are really running Teradata V2R5 I think you possibly deserve a medal - that is soooooooo old!).


And are you sure that the Teradata system is running on AIX? I've never heard of that being a supported operating system for TD. If you are running V2R5 then it is more likely to be the old NCR Unix SVR4.


Do you get any message text with the 'server error 2018'?

I'm not sure that's a Teradata error number, it is certainly not in the current manuals and I've also checked in the V2R4 manuals and it doesn't exist there either.


Can you ping the TD system from your Hyperion server using the ip address/dns name that is in your ODBC DSN definition? Let's see if it's a network issue.


Can you logon to TD using another tool using the credentials from your ODBC DSN? This will show whether it is a security problem.


If you can logon then check DBC.LogonOff to see if the previous errors are a failed logon.




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