Install Oracle UDFs


Install Oracle UDFs


I'm trying to install the Oracle UDFs from the download from Developer Exchange.

I getting a problem running the Perl script to replace the path location of the udf code. 


set YOUR-PATH="my path"

perl -i.bak -p -e 's/\$PGMPATH\$/%YOUR-PATH%/add_months/g'     add_months/add_months.btq

I have installed Perl on my Windows machine, and when run it creates the bak file (add_months.btq.bak), but it doesn't perform the subsitution.  I can see that the add_months.btq file last modified timestamp is changing, but the subsitution is not occurring.  I've tried a few things to simplify, but still no luck.  As I don'y know Perl, is there something really simple that is wrong here.  As oraudfs has been around for a while, I'm sure others must have got it to work.

I could do the replace manually for all the UDF's but would really like the Perl script to work.

Any help would be appreciated.