Linux - Find the Teradata servers I can connect from linux


Linux - Find the Teradata servers I can connect from linux

Greetings Experts,

We have a Linux UAT machine on which our datastage, shell, teradata scripts are configured and we can execute jobs/scripts from this server.  We have different Teradata environments(SIT, UAT, PAT, PROD -  all are different servers).  I can connect to SIT, UAT Teradata using the

bteq .logon

command from the linux server;  But not able to connect to Teradata PAT or PROD.  



 How can I know the list of TD servers (SIT, UAT, PAT, PROD) that I can connect from this Linux server.  (Is there any file on this Linux server where the list of all TD servers that it can connect to is stored).  I had verified the /etc/hosts file, it has contents relative to other unix/linux servers to which we do NDM and other stuff; but no info. related to Teradata. I am looking to get this info. from the Linux server itself as I have access to this one only.


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Re: Linux - Find the Teradata servers I can connect from linux

Dear Chill,


The list of servers would be defined in /etc/hosts. However servers must be added manually.

How do you specify which Teradata environment to connect to ?

1: .LOGON <IP address>/UserName

2: .LOGON <tdpID>/Username

If you use option 1, then you would have to specify the IP for PAT and PROD, but a firewall probably prevents you from connecting.

With option 2, you are using DNS to resolve the tdpID. Otherwise you would see entries for the Teradata servers in your /etc/hosts. But here also, you are probably not authorized to connect from your server (in the DEV/TEST environment) to the production Teradata systems.

You would need to ask your network administrator about getting access.

Most typical customers will seperate DEV/TEST from PROD and only allow very limited number of servers access to both.



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