Pick a char from list of words

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Pick a char from list of words


I have a column with value as below:

1. abc1.abc as a1

2. JOIN abc2.kdf b1

3. LEFT JOIN abc3.lkf as c1

4. where col.column1 = 1, cols.column2 in (sel a from table abc4.tbl4 d1 where d1.col1 = c1.col1)

to extract the string abc1.abc, abc2.kdf & abc3.lkf -- with the help of Mr.Dnoeth, i got an REGXP_SUBSTING function and it goes as: RegExp_Substr(x, '\S+\.\S+').

Question-1: Can someone please explain how this function works? what does \S, \S+, \. represents?

Question-2: Does anyone have the keywords list that can be used as search string options (like \d, \S etc)??

Question-3: How to extract abc4.tbl4 from the highlighted column value?