TD 13.10 Reference an User Guides

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TD 13.10 Reference an User Guides

Does anyone know (and can share) of the link to TTU 13.10 or TD 13.10  User Guides and Reference Material? I am serving a client who is on that Rev and the only docs I have are for 14.00.

Some things I am trying with Stored Procedures based on 14.00 documentation do not seem to work in 13.10 Database.

For example, the DECLARE c1 CURSOR FOR stmt1;

Throws an error when trying to compile the SP. I'm thinking that the 13.10 SPL user guide could shed some light on my issue? 

Regards and Thanks in advance or any help!


Re: TD 13.10 Reference an User Guides

Whaw 13.10!!!!

Please see if this link helps or has info that your require.

Since it is only for a stored proc syntax, you can try some online books, like safaribooksonline .....