TPERF and AMPCPU relationship

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TPERF and AMPCPU relationship


I would like to know if there is any relationship between TPERF & AMPCPU.

Example if Teradata has following configuration:


8 Nodes, 6750H, 2000 TPERF Allocated

I would like to know if I can relate 2000 TPERF to number of AMPCPU available in the system.

I am also not clear what to make out from 2000 TPERF allocated ? What does this mean ? How does it signify performance of Teradata box ?




Teradata Employee

Re: TPERF and AMPCPU relationship

TPerf does not have a direct relationship to CPU seconds. TPerf combines CPU, IO and internal benchmark tests into a single number that is only meant to be able to compare performance of Teradata 6xxx platforms, not to be directly related to CPU seconds, IoPs,...


Some searching on this Community will find several discussions about how to compute how many CPU seconds on a Teradata platform.