TeraData Characteristics - Demand Planning Tool

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TeraData Characteristics - Demand Planning Tool

Hi all,

I would like to find more precise informations about Teradata. I have to find the Demand Planning Tool ( such as TeraData, FutureMaster, SAP APO DP) that will apply the most, to the majority of the following criterias. So right now, I am trying to know every characteristics of TeraData. Thank you for you help !

Criterias :

Business Criteria

• Response time and ability to aggregate or disaggregate product or geography or time buckets to finer granularities. For a given time bucket (week, month), ability to define each figure by a combination of 2 hierarchies. (Access to the information at aggregated level and drill-down.)

• Product hierarchy (Business Family level + 8 levels retrieved from SAP)

• Customer hierarchy (Forecast per distribution channel , Forecast per Country or per Hub )

• Forecasting algorithms

• Use of other demand signals

• Sell in

• Sell out

Ease of use

• Training support

• Complexity of workflows and technical options.

• Ability to support heavy and light countries and users flexibility and extra cost to deploy in less

advanced countries.

• Ability to manage BOM (Bill Of Material) (e.g. pack of 3 shampoos, Christmas box, …)

Technical Criteria

• License cost model.

• Ease of deployment and upgrade.

• Centralized maintenance vs. Local

• Regional technical support provided by software vendor for Asia, EU and Americas.

• Robust integration options with SAP-APO.

• Master Data integrated with SAP, updated with night treatments

• Level of customization required.

User interface

• Navigation

• Complexity no. of screens

• Complexity in screens

• Graphical support

• Customizing of screen

• Exception / alert management

• Color choices in screens

• Time to gain experience with system

• Assessment of workload for teams

Data management

• Calendar management

• Customer hierarchy

• Modify customer hierarchy

• Aggregation and disaggregation data

• BOM explosion, component aggregation

• Users copy / paste data from screens

• Tools to mass change data

Forecasting general

• Method for measuring prediction quality

• Standard forecasting algorithms

• Forecasting approach split by stream

• Product lifecycle management

• Substitution management

• Carry over

• Archiving of forecasts

Baseline forecasting

• Cleaning BFL – breakdown to SKU w. weight

• Aut. adjustment from Sku to BFL w/o wait

• Copy seasonality Sku or BFL

• Take over sell in data from SKU or BFL

• Change scope of seasonality and sell in

• Aut. proposal of model w. best fit to sell in

• Direct access from alert to working screens

• Splitting possible by weight of month

• Hub split : BFL to Sku and Sku to country

• Forecast adjustment at BFL country to Hub

• Cleaning at BFL country to Hub

• Aut. Adj. of model proposal after phase out

Launch & Promo

• Possible to mix launch and promo in template

• Planning new products with ref. to previous

• Creation of several variant profiles for user

• Link of former launch profile to new

• Upload from Excel by month and split week

• Easily copy a template when create a new

• View of monthly forecast on all Skus

• Choose to work at month or weekly

• Work by any start and end date

• Can add cannibalization effect on baseline

• Easy access to former promos on same Sku


• Solution for collaborative forecasting

• Solution for bottom up forecasting

• Capability to handle sell out and stock in trade data

• Solution for sell out to sell in conversion


• Analyzer reports with YTD, RAF etc.

• Users can create own user variants

• Performance of reports

• Users can add and delete subtotals as need

• Change data interactively in reports

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Re: TeraData Characteristics - Demand Planning Tool


Your question might need to involve presale efforts to understand the actual requirements and tailor the answers according to what you really need.

In case you will not receive a reply on this forum, then you might want to contact Teradata representatives in an official manner.   The contact details are available at www.teradata.com -> About Teradata -> Contact us.

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I am the Director of Marketing for our Demand Chain Management application.  It is difficult to respond to all of your questions in this forum.  You can contact me at aaron.raines@teradata.com and I would be happy to follow up with you.

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