Teradata to handle requests from other internal systems


Teradata to handle requests from other internal systems

Hi all, my first post here.


I have a generic question since I am rather new to Teradata (I've been using it for the year).


Basically, we got the below request from our business users:

1. Create some tables (7 tables with 10 - 20 columns per table)

2. Populate these tables on a weekly basis

3. Other internal applications will make ad-hoc select queries on these tables (not yet defined how but I am guessing through odbc or jdbc). Based on the teradata answerset some calcucations will take place and the result will be shown to the user.


Please note that these requests will be about ~30 requests per day.


From my point of view, even though this is doable I will not recommend it because:


1. When these tables will be populated other internal applications will not be able to provide results. This is because of the teradata locking behaviour, when something is inserted/updated into a table you can not select anything from it.

2. Teradata is an OLAP database, which means it helps you to create reports, plan business strategies and make business decisions. The request of our business users sounds like a fundamental need. They need it in order to control and execute fundamental tasks of online systems.


I would like to know if I am on the right track or if I am missing something. I kindly ask for your opinions on this one in order to better understand the capabilities of the Teradata database