Typo Correction Request

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Teradata Employee

Typo Correction Request

Hey team TD,

I didn't know where to post this, so please bear with me. This is a request for correction in a user documentation.

In the document: "Teradata® Analytics Platform User Guide, Release 1.0 Controlled Release", on page 6, under "Teradata QueryGrid", the first paragraph ends with a grammatical error: "Query execution is a secure and optimized across multiple processing engines and repositories."


I just recently joined a GDC, came across this and wanted it to get fixed. Thanks !

Teradata Employee

Re: Typo Correction Request


Johanna from Information Engineering here. We'll get this corrected - thanks for your input!


If you have future findings or suggestions, you are very welcome to send them to this email: teradata-books@lists.teradata.com 

Also, if you use our new documentation site, https://docs.teradata.com/, you can click the feedback icon, and you'll get a pre-populated email.


Thank you!