UPDATE with an SQL Server DTS service - Need help

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UPDATE with an SQL Server DTS service - Need help

Hi everyone,

It's my first topic here, my english is not that great, I'm gonna try to be as clear as I can.

I use an SQL server DTS service to launch an automatic UPDATE every nights (1 SET, 7 tables and 13 criteras in the WHERE clause). My problem is that the client who asked me those UPDATES wants to know how many rows are impacted each times.

If I launch it manually, I can have the number of rows impacted, but how can I get this information with an automatic job ?

First I thought about launching two queries in the DTS jobs, the first one making a SELECT and the second one the UPDATE. But I can't be sure if it's gonna be the same result between the SELECT and the UPDATE (duplicate rows, etc...).

Is there any possibility to directly export a log of the UPDATE result ?



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