While Joining A Number of tables on Multiple Columns


While Joining A Number of tables on Multiple Columns


I faced One issue Couple of Days Back While Creating a Desired Out Put We had To Join 6 Tables Over 27 Columns. Ended Up as a Spool Space Issue. I Dig Further The reason was Data was Trying to get allign over and Over on 27 Columns over Spool Creating a exponential Growth Of data.

Resolution Taken By my End -

For all these 6 Table (which ever Is applicable) I tried To Join Individually over One Column Just To Find out What are The Mumberof Matches They DO have.

Like -

1.Tabl1 and Table2 and Table3 on Col36 have 4588692 Matches

2.Tabl1, Table2,Table3,Table5 Have 558996 over Col 15

likewise...Then I Create Sub Qury In such manner It goes Assecndingly Like If Table 5 and Table 2 Having 5896 matching Values Ihave Put it in Inner Most Qury Then Keep on Building the same way..

Though It worked Out wondering Is there any Other way to do it Easily as it is a bit Time demanding Process.