creating table names

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creating table names

Hello Everyone,

I was creating diffrent tables in database by taking year and date from the users with the help of '?' character but the problem is

For E.g If i want my table to be as FY1204_BR for that i gave FY?YY?DD_BR on running the query it asks for ?YY and ?DD_BR when we enter these it replaces 'YY' and 'DD_BR' with 12 and 04 and the new table names becomes FY1204 without '_BR'; which shouldn't be happening what to do? so the '_BR' would be there.

I have tried as FY?YY?DD?_BR on execution it ask for _BR also so i had to enter '_BR' as it is which is not feasible for the user.

Please help.


Re: creating table names

If you are ok with having your table name as FY1204#_BR, then you can try FY?YYDD#_BR. It will prompt you only for YYDD, and not for BR.

- Shilpa