db_link in Teradata


db_link in Teradata

Hi Experts,

Request you to spare time to elucidate on this.

1.  I haven't seen the usage of db_links in Teradata unlike to Oracle.  So, what causes this.  Is this local to Teradata, or say we can connect to other database like Oracle without dblink (not sure on this) from Teradata.

2.  As per my knowledge, there can by 65536 hashmaps that points to corresponding bucket.  Now say if I have 10 AMPS, the 10 AMPS may be equally distributed to 65530.  Will the other 6 hashmaps point to any 6 of 10 AMPS or would it not point to any buckets i.e., they are null.

If they are distributed among 6, then there may be a case of hot amp as more entires point to it right.