TPT error while expoting to Hadoop


TPT error while expoting to Hadoop

Iam trying to load data from Teradata to hadoop using TPT fast export and iam getting the below error.

Could you  help on what could be the issue?



Job log: /opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/logs/M585-225.out
Job id is M585-225, running on
Teradata Parallel Transporter Data_Connector: TPT19006 Version
Data_Connector Instance 1 directing private log report to 'dtacop-hdptda-56911-1'.
Data_Connector: TPT19007 DataConnector Consumer operator Instances: 1
Teradata Parallel Transporter Export Operator Version

Export_SOURCE_SYSTEM_CODE: sending SELECT request
Data_Connector: TPT19434 pmWrite failed. General failure (34): 'pmunxWBuf: 'ftello' error (Remote I/O error)'
Data_Connector: TPT19306 Fatal error writing data.
Data_Connector: TPT19003 TPT Exit code set to 12.
Data_Connector: TPT19221 Total files processed: 0.
Export_SOURCE_SYSTEM_CODE: disconnecting sessions