Teradata Commodity Hardware for Hadoop


Teradata Commodity Hardware for Hadoop

Suppose a customer is using Teradata already and wants to move some of the unused data to Hadoop.

Suppse we use the "Teradata Commodity Offering for Hadoop"1  to build a hadoop cluster using commodity Dell Servers.

Can we still use things like Teradata High performance Hadoop connector to move data back and forth? what about SQL-H? can that be used as well? 

OR will SQL-H and High Perf data movement be available only when we buy the big analytics appliance?

I want to what is the interoperability of the commodity offering with the teradata, aster and big analytics appliances.

1. http://assets.teradata.com/resourceCenter/downloads/Brochures/EB7660_2.pdf?processed=1

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata Commodity Hardware for Hadoop

Dear @abhishes,

Teradata has discontinued the SQL-H from version 15 onwards. But you can use Teradata QueryGrid for same purpose. QueryGrid works independent of your hardware. It is currently (v15) compatible with Teradata Hadoop (TDH), Hortonworks (HDP) and Cloudera (CDH)

Prasad Dhoble