Will sqoop import command work with Teradata Dbase 15?

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Will sqoop import command work with Teradata Dbase 15?

Hello, I am new to Teradata.  For our project, we are currently using Teradata 13.10, and planning an upgrade to V. 15 soon.

The client is doing "Big Data Analysis"  To pull the data into Hadoop, they are using this command: 

sqoop import --connect jdbc:teradata://xxx.xx.xxx.xx/DATABASE=MY_DBASE --driver com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver --username MyUser --password Password4MyUser


1) Can anyone tell me if this command will work the same in V. 15 as it does now in 13.10? 

2) Are there any issues to be aware of? 

3) Is there something that would be better to use than this command?  If so, why would it be better?

While researching this myself, I found 2 articles that seem relevant:



Thanks a lot, I appreciate any help / guidance

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Re: Will sqoop import command work with Teradata Dbase 15?

Dear @steveka,

1) You can use the same Sqoop import for TD 15 just make sure that you are using latest Teradata driver (v15.0)


2) I dont think any such issue will be there exept version compatibility.

3) You will observe that, the native database export /  impmort utelities works better that Sqoop. For Teradata, you can use one of the following options for same perpose.

       a) Teradata QueryGrid / Teradata-to-Hadoop connector  (for Hortonworks and                 Cloudera).


       b) Teradata Export / Import utilities.


Prasad Dhoble