Deployment Options - Teradata Intelliflex®

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Teradata IntelliFlex®

Intelligent, Flexible and Scalable Data Warehousing

Teradata IntelliFlex® delivers real-time intelligence to place vital data into the hands of front-line decision makers, while extending traditional data warehouse functionality into the realm of tactical decision making.

What is being offered?

It is our most powerful and flexible Integrated Data Warehouse platform and the core of the Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family. IntelliFlex is available both on-premises and in Teradata IntelliCloud™. IntelliFlex delivers:

  • Multi-dimensional scalability through independent scaling of processing power and storage capacity via our next generation massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture
  • 100% solid state performance and reliability
  • Advanced in-memory computing
  • Unprecedented advancements in system availability with reduced extended downtime
  • Configuration flexibility that allows you to add exactly the computing power and storage you need to meet current and future workload requirements

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