A4H: ASTER 7 - ASTER ON HADOOP IS RELEASED! - Analytics for Humans

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Fact:  Teradata is the world’s first big data analytics solution provider and Teradata’s best days are ahead.  As the lead product evangelist for Aster, I am excited to introduce our latest and greatest release:  Aster Analytics 7: aka, Aster Analytics on Hadoop.  Yes, Aster on your Hadoop! 

The Aster advanced analytics solution is the fastest data analytics enterprise solution available on the Hadoop market today. With its multi-genre analytics capabilities, you can solve real-world business challenges. Aster is no longer a platform, which means it is a service managed by YARN; so no extra rack, and no need to move data. Aster Analytics allows you to take advantage of data in “YOUR” Hadoop data lake and supports Hortonworks and Cloudera distributions. If you are already an Aster customer, no need to worry. It all works like Aster, it feels like Aster, and the only difference is it is running on Hadoop! It is connected to one of your organizations most valuable assets:  Data.

I have visited with many clients and one thing is certain. They all want to be data driven but are constrain by the lack of human talent. Making Hadoop work analytically is a challenge and is very expensive. Gartner performed a survey last year on Hadoop and adoption:

Gartner Survey Highlights Challenges to Hadoop Adoption

“Skills gaps continue to be a major adoption inhibitor for 57 percent of respondents, while figuring out how to get value from Hadoop was cited by 49 percent of respondents. The absence of skills has long been a key blocker. Tooling vendors claim their products also address the skills gap. While tools are improving, they primarily support highly skilled users rather than elevate the skills already available in most enterprises.”

What is needed to address these issues is something that humans can use.

Aster Analytics is for humans. Aster Analytics is used by the world’s largest banks, airlines, telecommunications companies, and retailers. These businesses are solving business critical problems such as churn, next best offer, attribution, and multi-channel behavior/customer360 use cases. Organizations are deploying Aster solutions in production and not just science experiments. Aster also offers an interface for everyone; tools and offerings for data scientists, citizen data scientists, and the people on the front line managing your customers.

Aster has the richest set of advanced analytic functions at big data scale available on the market! Aster Analytics can perform machine learning, text analytics, statistics, graph, clustering, and path and pattern analysis all from one interface and one code base. There is more to Aster Analytics than its true multi-genre analytics capabilities. 

  • Need real-time analytics? Aster has a real-time scoring engine that actually runs on any Java-supported platform, including your edge nodes. 
  • Are you interested in Spark?  Aster now has a Spark connector that enables you to take advantage of Spark without having to know Spark or the complexities required to make it work. 
  • Aster also has full ANSI SQL capabilities available in Aster and your Hadoop data lake assets. 
  • If you are an R programmer, Aster has the ability to run R against very large data sets or partitioned data within the Hadoop environment.  
  • Finally, there is Teradata Aster AppCenter. AppCenter is a point and click web environment that is as simple as a smartphone to use.  You don’t need to be a programmer to take advantage and participate in advanced analytics.

Teradata is very excited about this release of Aster Analytics. Please take a look at the Aster Community(https://aster-community.teradata.com/welcome) if you want to learn more about how Aster Analytics can work for you.