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Your customers just don't buy your services or products.  They interact with you at stores, over the web, and via the phone.  They chat, send email, have CRM notes, and interact with you over their mobile devices.   How can you possibly look at all of this data to see where critical opportunities are being missed?  How do I look at my customers in new ways and perhaps in different segments?  What breakdowns in my customer services are driving down the way my customers feel about our brand, product, or service?   

These apps can help to answer those questions and many more.  The apps are delivered via a short services engagement and come with everything you would need: web front ends, scripts, reports, and analytics.  They allow you to take a look at every touch point your clients can travel and then take action to engage with those clients in a dynamic new ways.  They are all delivered to serve up deep analytics FOR HUMANS! Please take a quick read of two of these apps:

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI): 

A customer satisfaction solution should not only tell you how your customers feel today, but also how they got there and what actions they are likely to take tomorrow. Traditional methods of measuring satisfaction rely on simplistic survey-based approaches. Teradata Aster's Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) solution brings together all of your data from all of your sources to dynamically construct, reveal and evaluate each step of every customer journey.

Customer Journey:

Your customers leave breadcrumbs across all channels during their journey with you. Your Customer Journey Analytics solution should make it easy to connect those breadcrumbs so you can better market to your customers and improve your operations. With Aster's Customer Journey Guided Development Interface (GDI) and AppCenter, you can visually build journeys on the fly, identify customers who have taken those paths, predict their next steps, and operationalize reporting on key metrics.

Russ Ratshin was kind enough to put an article on the Aster Community that I think is worth a read:

Introducing Aster Guided Analytics