ASTER EXPRESS: WEBINAR: Multi-Genre Analytics: Analytics to Install

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Please click the below link for the scripts used during the April 19 Aster Express Webinar

ASTER EXPRESS: WEBINAR: Multi-Genre Analytics: Scripts

See the attached analytic and install it in your Aster Express Environment.

1.  DOWNLOAD to your desktop:  Do not decompress

2.  FTP the file to the Queen: sftp://

     Login using uid:  aster  pwd:  aster

3.  Login to the Queen using an SSH tool like puTTy

     Go to the directory where you put

     uid: aster pwd: aster

4.  Your screen should look like this:

5  Open ACT using the following command:  act -U db_superuser -w db_superuser -d beehive  {enter}

6.  Install the function using the following command:  \install {enter}