An Aster Egg

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Our newly retooled analytics group encourages all of us to become more involved our online communities, so a lot of new faces will show up in the coming weeks.


Rather than addressing weightier matters in my inaugural blog post, I thought I’d test the waters with a small diversion describing an Aster Egg and how I found it.  My later blog posts should be more substantive.


In 2012, while a member of the Teradata Retail Analytics team, I was also interested in developments in the Aster organization. I saw people I worked with in Teradata joining Aster’s consulting group and thought I’d like to work with them again. To prepare for exploring that possibility in person at the America’s Kick-off in January, in Dec 2012, I began reading the 5.10 Aster User Guide from page 1 – a very normal thing to do. As I read, I took notes on the differences and similarities between the Aster and Teradata platforms.


And as I read, I began to have some suspicions about the examples presented in the guide. For instance, the user example was as follows: CREATE USER theadon PASSWORD '5t4g0l33';


The user name seemed vaguely familiar and, with substitutions, the password, Stagolee, seemed to have additional meaning beyond just an example. The command line example given was:

                                        $ act -d emea_sales -h -U mjones


Again, it seemed like I should know the name mjones .


Then another create example sealed the deal: CREATE USER jstrummer PASSWORD 'm4gn1f1c3nc3';

User jstrummer had to be Joe Strummer, and at least someone writing the guide was a fan of The Clash.



Principal Members

Joe Strummer (1976–86)

Mick Jones (1976–83)

Paul Simonon (1976–86)

Terry Chimes (1976, 1977, 1982–83)

Nicky "Topper" Headon (1977–82)


I’ve asked around, but no one seems to know who added The Clash to our documentation.

So you never know what you’ll find when following the advice, “Read the Manual”.