Aster Analytics on AWS – Free Trial Version

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Teradata Employee

Great news!  Free Trial Version of Aster Analytics is now available on AWS Marketplace.


Everything you need to experience the power of multi-genre advanced analytics is now available on AWS.   Teradata Aster Express on AWS includes machine learning, text, path, pattern, statistics and graph analytics, all within a single Amazon Machine Image (AMI).     


The Aster Express on AWS includes a complete Aster cluster running on a single EC2 instance.  Everything available in Aster Express on-premises is available on AWS with one exception… the long download times. Now users can quickly launch an instance to start their test drive along the multi-genre analytics autobahn.   Enjoy the drive!   


A FREE subscription to Aster Express on AWS includes the following:

  • Right to use Aster Analytics Portfolio, Aster Client, Aster Database 6.20 and Aster AppCenter for evaluation purposes. Note: Aster AppCenter must be launched through another AMI
  • Supports 30 GB of active data for analysis
  • Support through the Aster Community Forum
  • Access to Aster on AWS resources including the Getting Started guide


Although the Aster Express software is free, AWS infrastructure components: EC2 and EBS costs still apply.  Aster Express is offered on T2.Xlarge instance of EC2.  T2.Xlarge is a lower cost instance of EC2 that offers 4 vCPUs and 16 GB.  Cost start at $0.188/hour and can go up based on location.  EBS cost to run Aster Express is $45/month which gives you up to 30 GB of active data.   These are just estimates based on general AWS pricing.  For detailed cost for your region, please refer to AWS Marketplace.


This subscription does not have a time limitation, but it is limited to 30 GB of active data and uses t2.xlarge instance of EC2.  If you need higher performance and scalability, we encourage you to subscribe to Teradata Aster Analytics AMI, also available on AWS Marketplace.  Aster Analytics can scale up to 32 workers and leverages M4.4Xlarge instance of EC2 with more vCPU, memory and EBS bandwidth.


If you have any questions regarding Aster in the Cloud, please feel free to contact Arlene Zaima.