Aster Community Digest Issue No.2: Aster Is Machine Learning

Learn Data Science
Aster Community DigestIssue 2 – July 2015
Naive Bayes
The Naive Bayes algorithm is simple, yet surprisingly effective. A training data set (for which we know discrete outcomes and either discrete continuous input variables) is used to generate the model.

VIDEO: Watch the video to learn how to implement Naive Bayes.

Mastering the art of data science is thought to be reserved for those with specialized skills in leveraging insights from big data analytics. While a few organizations with highly skilled data scientists derive quicker value from big data analytics, other organizations struggle. This webinar drills into the immense challenges organizations face and provides the audience with solutions to think about in technology, process, and people management.

Learn from accomplished data scientists, Stephen Rohrer from TIAA-CREF and John Thuma from Teradata Aster as they discuss the TIAA-CREF journey from ad hoc data science organization to a data-driven analytic practice.

WEBINAR: Join us for this LIVE webinar! July 15, 2015 10:30 am PT/1:30 pm ET


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