Aster GeoSpatial Functions: GeometryLoader Function

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Aster Analytics Foundation provides three geometry functions:

GeometryLoader loads data from different providers into the database and converts the data to the format used by the other geometry functions.

PointInPolygon computes a list of binary values for every point and polygon combination, which indicate whether the point is contained in the polygon.

GeometryOverlay finds the result of overlaying two geometries.


GeometryLoader function fetches file-based geospatial files from AFS, parses them, and stores them in Aster Database. The function only loads input formats from AFS and converts them to WKT or other formats in the database.


SELECT * FROM GeometryLoader (

ON mr_driver

Path ('input_path' [,...])

[ Host ('afs_server_ip_address') ]

[ Port ('afs_server_port_number') ]

[ InputFormat ({ 'kml' | 'geojson' | 'shp' | 'mapinfo' }) ]

[ OutputFormat ({ 'wkt' | 'json' | 'kml' | 'gml' }) ]

[ OutputAttributes ('colname [ coltype ]' [,...]) ]


INPUT:  Geospatial File Formats That GeometryLoader Accepts

OUTPUT:  GeometryLoader Output Table Schema