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Healthcare’s complexity and costs are escalating at alarming rates.  Aster’s Healthcare Analytics Bundle lets you capitalize on all the available data to help you optimize your efforts.  Whether you are a provider, an insurance company, a pharma company or a government agency, you can leverage our big data analytics to inform all aspects of your business and health provider operations.

Aster’s Bundle contains application templates for participants up and down the Healthcare chain.  Our various analytic tools (including text, graph, path and pattern, behavioral analytics) can all be leveraged to generate insights embedded in your data.  Lower costs, better outcomes, and better patient satisfaction all enabled by our Healthcare Analytics Bundle.

Healthcare Analytics Bundle Overview

  • Description:

All facets of healthcare marketing, delivery and management are flush with data.  Teradata Aster’s Healthcare Bundle is a collection of Apps that help you derive meaningful and actionable insights from this data on multiple fronts including improved care, better patient satisfaction, fraud detection and prevention.

  • Primary use cases:

What are the most successful treatment pathways?

What is the most common cause for readmission?

Are there anomalous activities in the physician pool?

  • Target verticals:

All healthcare related industries

  • Required data(varies per App)

Admission, Treatment, and Discharge charts

Web logs

Patient Satisfaction Survey data

  • Incorporated analytics:

Path and Pattern, Cosine similarity, Log parsing, Text analytics

Healthcare Analytics Bundle Use Cases by Industry

Member Recruitment/Retention

Clinical Decision Making

Patient Satisfaction

Processing Efficiency

Population Management

What sources are driving membership?

What is the most common path to surgery? can I detect it earlier?

What is the most satisfying/best outcome path of communication?

How can I streamline my call center triage IVR?

What are the most costly/risky mis-diagnoses?

What plans are visitors purchasing from my site?

Is the increase in admissions indicative of a possible outbreak?

Can I decrease customer service costs with self serve, improved search?

Can I screen all communications for HIPAA compliance?

Which indicators/symptoms lead to costly procedures and how can these be prevented?

How can I put prospects on the shortest path to purchase?

Is there a common cause for our readmissions?

How do I improve patient satisfaction metrics?

Can I streamline my claims review and approval process?

Who is overusing resources?

Analytics for Humans:  Healthcare professionals don't have time to learn the inner workings of analytics and want easy to use, self service apps, that provide the answers they need when they need them.  The Aster Healthcare Bundle is delivered in a point and click environment that is as easy to use as your smartphone.

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