Aster Tango: Aster Authoring Tool for Data Scientists

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Teradata Employee

I have been an Aster practitioner for several years now and find it one of the most amazing data platforms around.  The things I can do with Aster are incredible.  I wanted to make it easier.  Aster SQL is different from ANSI SQL.  Yes, they work together very well and are seamless partners in the analytic journey.  I wanted to do something to make it easier and came up with Aster Tango.  Aster Tango helps you construct Aster SQL statements.  You dont have to go to a manual.  It gives you help.  It lets you know what is available in the platform.  It expands our fail fast message.  It lets you focus on the 'WHAT' and not the 'HOW.'  No more syntax.

Check out this 15 minute video on what Aster Tango is and let me know your thoughts: