Aster Tango Update: Coming by End of Year

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Teradata Employee

I wanted to give everyone an update on Aster Tango and how it is coming along.  I have been working diligently over the holiday's to get it ready and add new capabilities.  I am excited that we will be shipping soon and it will be made available via the community.

So what is Aster Tango:

Tango is a interactive development environment for Aster Analytics.  It will help the Data Scientist with Aster SQL-MR/GR syntax.  It will allow you to save scripts to a repository or to a file system.  I have also pre-loaded many scripts into Tango.  Aster Tango will also support multiple script repositories.  So you can have your own repository or you can have a team repository.  Tango will also have video access to the "Learn Aster" video repository on YouTube.  Please see the images below for more details for Aster Tango.

IMAGE1:  Aster Tango Main IDE Interface: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


IMAGE2:  Aster Tango Video and Script Repository:(CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


Watch the Introduction of Aster Tango Video: