Code-free Visual Path Analysis: Watch Now

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Marketers need to visually analyze customer paths. IT professionals should be able to visually analyze server logs. Healthcare professionals want to visually analyze treatment paths.


There is no reason any of these tasks should require advanced coding skills.


Check out these demo videos we recently put together for the Teradata Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface. You’ll see how easy it is to visually explore paths without writing any code. You can export lists of customers (or servers, or patients) who have completed paths or are on specific paths. And you can investigate text associated with events on these paths. All you need to be able to do is specify a few parameters in the interface and click a few buttons.


Predictive Paths

Video Link : 1111

In this demo, we use the predictive paths capabilities of the Path Analysis Interface to identify two sets of customers. One set of customers is at risk of churn. The other group is prospects we may be able to push across the line to conversion.


Cart Abandonment

Video Link : 1112

In this video, we look at “cart abandonment” scenarios with an online banking data set and an eCommerce data set. Also, we showcase the “Add Drops” feature that makes it visually apparent where prospects and customers drop off paths within the Path Analysis Interface.


Leveraging Text

Video Link : 1113

The text analytics capabilities of the Path Analysis Interface are very unique and also very powerful. In this demo, we use text to provide context around complaints within a multi-channel banking data set.


Healthcare Billing

Video Link : 1114

Here, we are looking at healthcare billing data. We want to make it apparent that path analysis use cases are about much more than marketing. Healthcare professionals may also want to look at paths to certain procedures, paths around treatment and recoveries, or paths to specific diagnoses.


If you’re interested in visually exploring paths and patterns, please contact your Teradata account executive or send me a note at We can have you up and running with the Teradata Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface on Teradata, Aster, or the Teradata Analytics Platform in no time!