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Create A Blog Article

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Creating a blog article is similar to posting a message on a forum, but with a few additions. With blogs, you can:

  • Save a blog article as a draft so that you don’t need to complete an article in a single session.
  • Add labels to an article to make it easier for readers to find related articles.


To create a blog article:


1. Go to the Blogs & Best Practices => Data Science Blog Posts.


You have 2 ways to access the page:

    • At the side menu, hover on Blogs & Best Practices. Then click on Blog Posts.
    • At the middle of the home page, click on the Blogs and Best Practices widget. Then click on Data Science Blog Posts.




2. There are several Blog areas to post your blog article/s on. You may choose from among the listing of blog topics.












3. Then click New Article in the Blog Dashboard.












4. Add a subject and teaser for the article.


The subject is the article’s title.


The teaser, with a Read more... link, appears on the blog’s front page and gives readers an idea of what the article is about. If you don’t provide a teaser, the entire article appears on the blog’s front page.


5. Enter the body of your article.


You can format the text, add emoticons, insert a horizontal rule, add links, or insert an image.


6. Click Spell Check.


7. To be notified when someone comments on this article, click E-mail me when someone replies.


8. You may add tags and labels to help readers find related posts.


Note: Tags must be single words, separated by commas. Labels can be phrases, separated by commas. Both tags and labels are used to organize or categorize articles and both appear in components. However, only a blog author (or an administrator) can add labels to an article; any member of the community can add tags.


9. Click Browse… under Attachments if you want to add a file to the article.


10. Click Post to publish the article or Save Draft to save your work in progress.






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