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Download Aster Express

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What is Aster Express:


Aster Express is a fully functioning Aster environment. It will allow you to build tables, load data into those tables, and run Aster specific analytics. Aster Express can be used by developer, testers, and anyone who is interested in learning more about Aster functionality. We only limit you by the size of data that you can load into the environment. (limited to 9gb to 17gb of data) It is not licensed for production use and runs on your Microsoft desktop on a couple of VMWare images.


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Click HERE to download Aster Express.


System Requirements:


Hardware requirements (minimum):


• 4 GB memory

• 20 GB free disk space

• CPU should be 64 bit support capable


Software requirements:

• OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

• VMware Player: Open a browser to run the download and install the free VMware Player

• 7-Zip: To extract (or uncompress) the Aster Express package





Module 1: What is Aster Express

In this video we will explore Aster Express and how you get started.  We discuss the best use cases and provide recommended approaches and tools to improve your experience.


Module 2: Aster 101

This video provides a high level introduction to Aster and its components.   We also discuss some potential business use cases.


Module 3: Aster Express Tour and Tools

In this video we provide a tour of the  Aster Express file structure, how to find the documentation, and a tour the  Aster Management Console and the Aster Command Tool.


Module 4: Building an Aster Table Loading Data

In this video we will provide a walkthrough of building data objects and loading data into Aster to prepare for analytics.


Module 5: Running your first nPath Query

This video will show you how to run your first Teradata Aster nPath Query.

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