Electric Rocket Ships to Mars, Dude... And They Are Green, Man!!

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Sounds great...  Believe me I would love to be one of the first people to step foot on the undiscovered Mars and ensure it is established in the proper way.  Yep, my way.  After all it is the pioneering mind that will conquer our future undertakings in innovation and progress.  This is not to curse the dreamers and the innovators!  Heck I am one of them and love to discuss crazy futures of electronic bots controlling your mind!

So what is the point Thuma...Editorial on Getting Real...

You know dudes and dudettes... The future is going to be awesome.  I really mean it!  But... I am constantly inundated with conversations on deep learning and the like.  I listen to the likes of people talking about one way trips to Mars.  Green-electric** cars that will drive by themselves; oh how I will miss the authentic roar of a internal combustion engine.  I too am among these evangelists of wild fantastic voyages into a Siri lead world that interrupts your free will.  Today's GPS dependency is nothing compared to the electronic Nannies that might be standing guard and guiding your every move in the future.  20 years from now you may never have to make a decision again, the ultimate in being lazy in a privileged world.  Rock and Roll!  Homer Simpson:  "You mean I have had to use my brain all these years, doh!"

This is my attempt to bring us all back to reality and have real discussions about our data and analytic needs.  So I propose a Data and Analytic Maturity model:  The Data Analytic Nirvana Maturity Model.

Getting Down to Basics:  The Data Analytic Nirvana Maturity Model:

So lets make it simple:  You cant do STAGE 3 without STAGE 2... You cant do STAGE 2 without STAGE 1... Here are the stages of the Data Analytic Maturity model:

STAGE 1:  Data Governance

So, where is this going?  Well I think we have to get good at the basics first, so I am asking all of us to reset our expectations on awesome and innovation.  You know data.  Do you have control over your data or does your data have control over you.  Data, that's boring Thuma.  Well, if you say that data is boring you are in the wrong business.  Data is the primary building block of our careers and for many organizations one of the most valuable assets.  Data governance is key: metadata, security, privacy, quality, lineage, and the like.  It is the first stage in my maturity model Data Analytics Nirvana.  Is your data the state much like the Wild West?

STAGE 2:  System Implementation Governance

The next level of Data Analytics Nirvana is Systems Implementation Governance.  What I mean by that is do you have guiding standards for implementing systems that generate the data.  So when you implement an ERP system or a dashing new ecommerce site do you consider the end game?  What is the end game? The end game is analytics!  So before you go implement something have you asked your organization what analytic questions it wants to answer before the implementation?  It will certainly help you establish standards that address the data concerns in the first stage of Data Analytic Nirvana.  Oh, how data preparation can be made easier if we put a little more thought into how our systems are implemented and used.  Got business rules injected in your data much?

STAGE 3:  Performance Based Reporting

If you don't know how many customers you have or how much liability you have; soon you will be out of business.  Can you build out a data warehouse and set of data marts that can answer historical performance based requirements?  Do you have a great set of reports and dashboards delivering basic statistics about how well your organization is doing against its goals?  KPI much?  Do you have a really good business intelligence reporting system that can deliver this information and data to the right people in order for them to make data guided decisions?  Have you centralized tools, data assets, and talent across the organization to achieve harmony in performance management?

STAGE 4:  Predictive Analytics

Does your organization use a variety of data and a variety of analytic techniques to attempt to predict what is going to happen in the future?  Do you have a churn opportunity?  Do you have a next best offer opportunity?  Do you have tools and systems that allow you to be nimble and flexible in order to achieve the optimization requirements of your organization?  Do these tools allow you to democratize this journey?   If not you should check out Aster and the Aster Data system:  it provides multi-genre techniques and AppCenter allowing anyone to participate.

STAGE 5:  The Sentient Enterprise

The ultimate stage in the Data Analytics Nirvana maturity model is the Oliver Oliver Ratzesberger's 'Sentient Enterprise.'  I encourage you to check out the Sentient Enterprise to understand this vision and its own maturity model:

What is the Sentient Enterprise:  The Sentient Enterprise can listen to data to sense micro-trends, conduct analysis and make autonomous decisions with little or no human intervention at massive scale in real-time.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE: The Sentient Enterprise | Teradata 

I think it is worth exploring as it is a REALISTIC vision for enterprise data futures.  It is Teradata's vision for the 'Electric Car' and our 'Trip to Mars.'

**A great deal of the electricity in those batteries requires fossil fuels.  Green?