How to introduce yourself in the Aster Community

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How to introduce yourself in the Aster Community

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We realize this is intuitive for a lot of people, at the same time, a lot of new members lately struggling with taking that first step.

Say hello to your peers

The best way to introduce yourself to join the Aster Customer Zone is to first find the right place to say hello! If you are a data scientist, then you should probably introduce yourself to the other data scientists in the Aster Community. If you are a developer, you should say "hi" to the other developers.  If you are an architect, you should say "hello" to other architects.  Pick an profession, interest or need that resonates with you.

Start a discussion in Aster Customer Zone

Some of our key places already have active discussions titled "introduce yourself." If you find yourself in one of those places, please comment on that discussion and say hello! If you are in a place in the community that doesn't have "introduce yourself" as an active discussion, then feel free to start your own! You start a discussion by doing the following:

  • Get to the place you want to start a discussion in places like "Download Aster" or "Aster Customer Zone."
  • Under the Action menu, select Discussion. When you select Discussion you have the option to start a discussion or click the box to ask a question.
  • Be sure to include these things in your discussion/question:
    • Who you are: what is your role using Aster at your company?
    • What do you hope to get from coming to the community?
    • What one question would you like to start with?

Follow the place in your Inbox

In order to get the most from your experience in the Aster Community, you've take the important step of introducing yourself. To further the conversation, be sure to follow the place that you identified above in your Inbox (otherwise really cool information could be happening that you are totally unaware of).

To follow a place in your inbox:

  • Under your picture avatar, select Preferences
  • Turn on "receive email" at the very top of the list - as shown below.
  • Next, select Inbox (everything except direct social) - as shown below.
  • Next, select Inbox (Direct social interactions) - as shown below.


  • If you are concerned with receiving too many emails from Aster Community, be sure to select NO for every other option.
  • Select Save at the bottom of the screen (or your changes will not be saved).
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