Introducing Aster Underground

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Teradata Employee

If you are an Aster customer and have access to the Aster Customer Zone there is a new blog service that will provide custom SQL-MR functions.  These functions are in beta form.  Please use them at your own risk as they are not supported by Teradata Client Services, Product Management, or the field. 

What is up there now:


The nPath Accumulate result function generates compound multi-value

comma separated strings bracketed by '[]'; i.e: [A, B, C]

Many times these sequences of values are best simplified in the case

where repetitions are found; e.g: [A, A, A, B] can be (interestingly)

simplified into [A{3}, B] indicating three repetitions of 'A' followed

by a 'B', or [A+, B], or even [A, B].


Pull or Push data from / to Splunk from Aster.


CrowMiles was written while analyzing shopping habits of people and identifying why they continue to ignore retail shops near their home location, and understanding if their is a loyality aspect with the retail chain despite people moving out of a certain area.


GoogleDrivingDistance calculates distance between two geographic locations, as well as the travel time using the Google Maps APIs: Google Distance Matrix, Google Directions, Google Embed. The syntax and example usage are described in the succeeding sections. GoogleDrivingDistance can output the distance, travel time, and a Google Maps URL that can be opened in a browser to display the routes taken by the API to calculate distance and travel time. Note: Workers should be able to access in order to retrieve results.