Introducing the Teradata Customer Journey Analytic Solution

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Teradata Employee

Customer journey analytic solutions tend to fall into two camps.

In the first camp, you have solutions that look at data over time from a single channel. These solutions are built for business users, often in the Marketing department, but the insights they can provide are limited by the data they help interpret. Many of the popular web analytics tools fall into this camp.

In the second camp, you have “enterprise class” customer journey analytic solutions. I put “enterprise class” in quotes because there are often very few, if any, folks in the enterprise who are masters of these solutions. While these solutions may integrate data from a handful of channels, you often need to hire high-priced consultants to do any analytics beyond basic reporting so you can garner meaningful, actionable insights. Some solutions are so lacking in usability that you may need to hire these same consultants to simply modify existing reports.

The Teradata Customer Journey Analytic Solution, from the Teradata Aster Solutions team, leverages the best aspects of both camps. It’s simple to understand and manipulate, while allowing you to explore multi-channel data to generate actionable insights.

The Teradata Customer Journey Analytic Solution leverages three main components: Aster Analytics for data processing; the Customer Journey Guided Development Interface for analysts to visually build and explore paths on the fly; and Teradata Aster AppCenter to predict a customer’s next steps and operationalize reporting.

With the customer journey solution, you can:

  • Visually build paths on the fly (Check out this video)
  • Identify individual customers on those paths
  • Predict the next steps of those customers with multi-genre analytics
  • Operationalize reporting on critical journeys and key metrics

In future posts, I’ll dive deeper into some of these unique differentiators. In particular, I’ll explain how the Customer Journey Guided Development Interface helps you easily understand multi-channel journeys. Also, I plan to write about the power of predicting customers’ next steps using multi-channel data and multi-genre analytics.

In the meantime, if your interest is piqued and you want to discuss the Teradata Customer Journey Analytics Solution in more detail, contact your Teradata account executive or send me a note at