Mastering Multi-Channel Engagement & Experience with Aster Business Solutions

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Has any vertical other than retail been so visibly and dramatically impacted by the shift to multi-channel business models? Sure, the examples of brick and mortar retailers driving increased revenue online abound. But what about primarily web-based businesses that now have competing offers to deliver groceries and household goods to your residence the day of your order?

There is another model that, though it may not be as hyped, is also changing the way retailers do business and drive revenue. That is the buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) model. In fact, eMarketer recently pointed to research showing that last year Sam’s Club saw 30.2 percent of its ecommerce revenue in the form of in-store pickups. Kmart saw 22.6 of its ecommerce sales also picked up in-store, according to the study.

With so many multi-channel models being adopted and tested, I began thinking about the role that Aster Business Solutions can play in helping manage and analyze experiences to the benefit of both retailer and customer.

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