[Meetup] Creating Analytics for Humans (A4H) - Using Data to Optimize Business

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[Meetup] Creating Analytics for Humans (A4H) - Using Data to Optimize Business

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Teradata is the new sponsorship of the Data Skeptics.  Teradata's John Thuma will present at the Tuesday, July 19th event in New York. While short notice, we hope that those in the area can make it as John is a very dynamic speaker and will demonstrate cutting-edge analytics being used across multiple industries.

Registration: Data Skeptics

Date: Tuesday 7/19 @ 630p

Location: StackExchange at 110 William St, New York, NY


Talk Abstract:

Humans want analytics. They don’t want just a data lake. Data lakes cost big money, big data analytics make money. The Data Skeptics is pleased to present this unique talk by Teradata’s Director of Analytics Strategy, John Thuma. Come learn how John’s approach to creating Analytics for Humans (A4H) can help all of us better use data to optimize our businesses.

John will explain why he thinks big words and big egos are taking center stage over big results. Enough of the hype! John will demonstrate practical examples of IoT and AoT and the art of the possible in real world use cases impacting: energy/utilities, healthcare, food safety/supply chain, the sentient financial website (example walk-through), and many others. We’ll also get into how new tools are enabling this next wave of innovation for real people.

About the Presenter:

John Thuma
Director, Aster Big Data COI
Teradata Corporation

A technology leader and evangelist John Thuma is a recognized leader in data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. With nearly 30 years of practical experience, John has developed and implemented real world solutions across a variety of industries and disciplines. He has also implemented governance programs, international solution development programs, and is a contributor to many different media outlets. John is also a faculty member of the International Institute of Analytics.  He has contributed to the Teradata Forbes Voice Program and has been a panelist on DM Radio. John Graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1992. He has worked with Microsoft, SAP, and TCS around data initiatives. John started his career with Teradata Aster in December 2012. He ran the East Aster Solution Architecture team successfully performing analytical projects across multiple industries and analytical domains. John considers himself ‘a hands on the keyboard’ practitioner, still coding, still performing analytics, and working with customers on real world initiatives.

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