Product Recommendations for Grocers

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With all the news about Amazon and Whole Foods and the adoption of online grocery shopping, I just wrote a blog over in the Analytic Solutions section of this site about product recommendations for grocers. Check it out here - Grocers – Make The Right Recommendations, Or Get Left Behind.

Amazon plans to acquire Whole Foods. Retailers and grocers have only had a couple weeks to process the news, and they still have many questions as they plan their competitive positions and strategies.


That news was still fresh (no pun intended) in my mind as I read the eMarketer Retail headline “Online Grocery Shopping Is No Longer Just a Millennial Story.” Twenty-three percent of households have purchased groceries online in the last three months, according to a survey by TrendSource cited by the article. That statistic may not surprise you. But the fact that 21 percent of baby boomers claim to have done so really opened my eyes and made me think of how rapidly the grocery space is evolving.


There is no denying it — if you as a grocer are not making personalized product recommendations, your days are numbered...


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