Retailers, I Recommend This Webinar

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Teradata Employee

We work with the vast majority of leading retailers at Teradata. That’s why we know how important product recommendations and next-best-offers are to your business.

With that in mind, we are hosting a webinar on October 29 to highlight both new and popular analytic approaches to building data-driven product recommendations. In “Retailers: Increase Conversions – and Revenue – with Data-Driven Product Recommendations,” we’ll discuss how retailers leverage functions such as cFilter, pSALSA and FPgrowth – and in some cases a combination of those – to drive millions of dollars in increased revenue and deliver extremely personalized recommendations to their customers.

If you’re on the business side of the house, you’ll be happy to know we’ve packaged all this power into an application in the Teradata Aster AppCenter and can easily integrate with your BI tool of choice. You’ll get to see a live demo on the webinar.

I hope you can join us!