Retailers, Increase Conversions – And Revenue – With Data-Driven Product Recommendations

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Teradata Employee

I’ve recently written about the analytics behind Teradata Aster’s Product Recommender solutions. But why did we roll out the solution in the first place?

Simple: Data-driven recommendations drive revenue.

Consumers demand a personalized experience, and our Product Recommender solution provides recommendations at the individual customer level. (See this short overview video if you’re not already familiar with the solution.)

Based on early campaigns, a retail partner of ours projects a lift of several million dollars in Year One after using Teradata Aster recommendations.

And that’s just the starting point. Imagine the revenue increase once recommendations are integrated across email, mobile marketing, point of sale promotions & web-based promotions.

That’s why we’ve made it simple to operationalize the solution and integrate with systems throughout your organization. It creates a huge ROI. And customers feel like they are receiving a more personalized experience. It’s a win for everyone.

If you haven’t already checked out the solution, get in touch with your account executive and we’ll be happy to demo it.

By the way, we are working to add another analytic function to our core Product Recommender solution, so check back for more details in the next few weeks.