Sneak Peek: Aster Tango Beta: Tango Micro-site and Software Architecture

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Take a sneak peek into Aster Tango Micro-site and get a glimpse into the installation process, help, and other resources.

Aster Tango Beta is made up of 4 components:  a Client, ODBC Access Layer, a Repository, and the Aster Community Tango Micro-site.

Please read below but for full installation instructions please go here:  Aster Tango Beta:  Recommended Installation Instructions

The Aster Tango Client is nothing more than a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Why did we select Microsoft Excel?  It is ubiquitous.  We don't need to install anything.  Just drop a file on your desktop and you get started.  If you want to learn more about how it works read the two documents below:

Aster Tango Beta:  How to Write a Script

Aster Tango Beta:  How to Select a Repository


The Aster Tango Repository is nothing more than a database that holds the metadata used by Aster Tango Client.  You can learn more about the Aster Tango Repository by reading this document below:

Aster Tango Beta Repository DDL Explanation.

Aster Tango Data Access Layer:  Once you have a Tango Repository you will need to establish connection and this is done via the Aster ODBC drivers and the ODBC Adminstration within Windows.  To learn more about how this works and setting it up read the document below:

Aster ODBC Drivers and Supporting Software.

And the 4th component is the Aster Community and the Tango Micro-site.  Here you can get the Aster Tango software, installation instructions, issue a defect or ask for an enhancement.