Survey: Business-Centric Analytic Solutions with Aster on Hadoop

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Teradata Employee

If you follow Teradata, you’ve heard the buzz around the upcoming release of Aster on Hadoop.

I’m excited about the opportunities Aster on Hadoop creates for our Field Applications team. We are the folks charged with helping to solve tough business challenges in a repeatable fashion, and Aster on Hadoop provides us a whole new canvas on which to operate.

As I listened to this BeyeNetwork podcast with analyst Wayne Eckerson and Aster evangelist John Thuma, I thought about the solutions rolled out by the Field Applications team in the past few months – Customer Satisfaction Index, Email (Communications) Compliance, On-site Search Optimization, etc. It got me wondering, which of these solutions will be most beneficial to our customers when we make the move over to Hadoop?

Teradata has worked with many of our customers to ensure their data lakes did not become data swamps. With that in mind, are there particular Field Applications solutions for which much of your source data is already in Hadoop? Or are there solutions for which the business use case often dictates that the results should be stored in Hadoop?

I’d like to hear your opinion on which of our bundled solutions has the strongest synergies with Aster on Hadoop. Please take a minute (really, one minute) to complete this extremely short survey and let us know which solutions you are most excited to integrate with Hadoop.


As always, we are looking forward to helping our customers get the most value from their data.

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