Teradata Aster Guided Analytics Interface: 35K Offering

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Originally posted by John Thuma on Sep 7, 2016

I wanted to let everyone in the Aster Community know about a brand new offering from the Aster Application team.  We are offering an engagement to implement Path Analysis which includes the bundled Pathways software as well as services to build out the data events tables.  This is exciting because it takes the nPath and the visualizations to the next level.  Please see below for more details:

High Level Overview of Pathways Offering:

Your customers leave breadcrumbs across all channels during their journey with you. Your Customer Paths Analytics solution should make it easy to connect those breadcrumbs so you can better market to your customers and improve your operations. With Aster’s Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface (GAI) and AppCenter, you can visually build paths on the fly, identify customers who have taken those paths, predict their next steps, and operationalize reporting on key metrics.

No coding required to take advantage of nPath and Visualizations.

Run Path & Pattern analytics on your events data set. View results through a variety of different Pathing Visualizations.

Drill-down into paths and define new starting and ending points with the click of a mouse button

Download path-based segments directly into Excel. 

How the 35K offering works:

Get more from nPath and Operationalize: Aster’s Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface makes getting started a breeze. Simply select a data set and an event of interest and set a few parameters around that event to see high visually explore metrics around your path and similar journeys. Filter by criteria such as segment, customer ID, geographic or demographic data to drill down. Export customers lists for highly targeted marketing campaigns. When you’ve identified key paths and metrics, operationalize reporting via Teradata Aster AppCenter.

  • Visually and interactively explore customer paths on the fly with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface.
  • Export customer lists for highly targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Predict customers’ next steps with advanced but transparent statistical techniques.
  • Operationalize insights via Teradata Aster AppCenter.

If you are interested in learning more about this offering or seeing a demonstration please email: Ryan Garrett at Ryan.Garrett@teradata.com