Teradata Launches Digital Badging Program

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The Certification you earned should be recognized. Share your accomplishment; prove your skills and knowledge with a digital badge.

teradata digital badge program

Effective November 9, 2016, the Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) launched a digital badging program to complement traditional certification awards.  TCPP is partnering with Acclaim an enterprise-class Open Badge platform to issue digital badges.

A digital badge is a web enabled representation of credentials or accomplishments that can be shared across the web, in email signatures, social media sites, and electronic resumes.  The value of digital badges doesn’t end with sharing.  The Acclaim platform allow individuals to

  • Explore labor market statistics and insights based on your skills to view and plan career opportunities
  • Offer your peers and employers credential verification in one simple click
  • Communicate exactly what you did to earn your credential

All badge earners received an automated email message from Acclaim with instructions on how to obtain their badge.  For questions about your credential, email Certification.Teradata@Teradata.com.

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