The ROI of Understanding Customer Satisfaction

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Teradata Employee

I’ve been lucky enough to talk with several customers recently about what they are doing and want to do with Teradata Aster’s customer satisfaction index (CSI) solution. To say they are excited is an understatement.

After running numbers for a couple customers, the reason they are excited is obvious. We are talking ROIs in the tens of millions of dollars!

How are your peers achieving these results? By analyzing events across all channels and customer touchpoints, they proactively reduce churn and improve loyalty at the individual level.

Let’s look at how this might apply to a telecommunications company. The model below is a basic back-of-the-envelope ROI calculation, but it gets the point across. We have much more detailed calculators if you’re interested in a quick discussion.



Number of customers




This represents a large telco.


Average annual contract value




Varies, but this is a conservative amount.


Annual churn rate




Pretty average.


Churn reduction with Aster CSI




Conservative number based  on what we’ve heard from customers.


Projected Year One ROI




How are we going to help reduce churn beyond your current capabilities? For one, by calculating scores across channels and throughout the customer journey, we help you market much more intelligently.

Let’s say this telecommunications company had network issues caused by equipment failure in one of the regions they serve. Sure, it’s worthwhile to send an apology to all customers they think may have been affected. But wouldn’t they rather follow up with highly connected customers with CSI scores below a certain threshold and multiple dropped calls in a different manner than those who simply have an address in the region?

With our point and click interface, you can easily identify those customers by simply adjusting a few business rules and parameters. Expose the results in Teradata Aster AppCenter and business intelligence tools, or integrate with other databases, CRMs or marketing automation solutions.

We’re very impressed by the ROI of CSI for our customers in communications, consumer financial services, travel & hospitality, and automotive manufacturing, among other industries. If you’d like to work with some of those calculators in detail, drop a note in the comments below or send me an email at

Everyone works hard to attract and retain customers, and it’s an expensive proposition. If you could do a better job keeping the customers you already have, how much would that be worth to you? If you’re already working with Aster, the CSI solution set up may be as simple as a 4-6 week service engagement with our data scientists. And if this is your first time working with Aster, prepare to be excited.

If you're interested, you can find a video overview of the Teradata Aster CSI solution on YouTube.