Updates to the Guided Analytics Interface for Path Analysis

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Teradata Employee

If you've been exploring the Customer Paths Analytic Solution (formerly the customer journey analytic solution), you may want to check out a few updates we recently made to the Guided Analytics Interface for Path Analysis (formerly the customer journey guided analytics interface). I just published a blog post in the Guided Analytics subspace of the Aster Community that includes screen grabs.


At a high level, in addition to the name change, here are the additions:

  • We added a Sankey Diagram and a Sigma Diagram. These each provide a different insights about paths than the traditional Tree Diagram, which is also a part of the interface.
  • We added the ability to view (and copy) the raw nPath syntax. This is useful in passing analyses between marketers, other business people and data scientists.


Read more and see screen grabs in this blog: Using Sankey And Sigma Graphs To Explore Customer Paths.