Using Teradata Studio with Aster Express

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Using Teradata Studio with Aster Express

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What is Teradata Studio:

Teradata Studio is a client based graphical interface for running queries in Aster Express and other database platforms.  You can also use it for many other database administration capabilies including: setting up users, security groups, and building database objects.  You can use Teradata Studio to build tables, views, and other Aster objects.  You can also run ANSI SQL queries as well as SQL-MR and SQL-GR queries using Teradata Studio.

To Download Teradata Studio:

Below is an image of Teradata Studio and its user interface:


1. Install and run Teradata Studio

2. Right mouse click on ‘Database Connections’

  • Select ‘Aster Database’ from the Connection Profile Types window.
  • Name it ‘Aster Express’
  • Click ‘Next’


3. In the Specify a Driver and ‘Connection Details’ enter:

Database Server Name:

  • User Name: db_superuser
  • Password: db_superuser
  • Port Number: 2406
  • Database Name: beehive
  • Click ‘Finish’


4.  Running your first query in Aster Express via Teradata Studio

  • Connect to Aster Express using Teradata Studio.
  • Cut and paste the following query and enter into the SQL Editor:  SELECT * FROM public.namefind_configure;
  • Click the green arrorw in the upper right section of the SQL Editor.
  • Review the Results
  • Done!

Review the following screenshot as a guide.

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