Using the Aster Management Console (AMC) with Aster Express

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Using the Aster Management Console (AMC) with Aster Express

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What is the Aster Management Console (AMC)


The Aster Database Management Console (AMC) is the main administrative interface to Aster Database


  • The AMC is a web-based interface
  • Manage, configure, and monitor Aster Database activity.
  • An authoritative view of the system and mechanisms for invoking administrative actions.
  • Insight into Aster Database activity, such as details on currently executing SQL statements and statement histories.


Starting Aster Management Console:


1.  Start Aster Express virtual images

2.  Open a web browser

3.  Type thefollowing IP address into the URL portion of the web browser (See image below)




4.  You might see the following message:  Please go ahead and click the 'here' and get redirected.  See below for details:


5.  If you receive the following message "There is a problem with this website's security certificate."


Click 'Continue to this website (not recommended)





6.   You should be presented with a login screen.  Enter the following (Username/Password - db_superuser/db_superuser)  CLICK: Login




7.  The following screen will appear:




The AMC Dashboard

The AMC Dashboard is the main information center where you can view the condition of the cluster and the jobs currently running on it. Many field labels in this window are clickable. By clicking a label or message, you can usually see more details about the message or navigate to the commands related to it.


Status Lamp: The status lamp lights green to show the cluster is running correctly. The legend next to the status lamp shows the name of the cluster and its status, and the current queen time, converted to browser-local time.


Cluster Name: The name assigned to the cluster.


Link to Docs and Downloads

  • Resource Center: Click this link to open the Teradata Resource Center, a web page where you can find resources and information.
    Help Link: Click this link to open an HTML page containing information about the AMC page you are currently viewing.
  • Login Details: In the top right of the window is the Teradata logo. Directly below that is your current, logged-in AMC user account name. Your user account determines what
    actions you can perform in the AMC.


Status Summary: In the upper right of the Dashboard tab is the status box. This box is a fixture not only of the Dashboard, but of all AMC windows. The status box notifies you of important events in Aster Database.


Message Board: In the upper left of the Dashboard tab is the message board. Here, you and other Aster Database administrators can post messages to all AMC users. To add a message, click the pencil icon, type the message in the dialog box that appears, and click OK to post it. All AMC users on this cluster will see your message immediately on the message board in their AMC session.

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